Monthly Archives: July 2017

The 7 Cutest Aussie Animals (And Where to See Them)

  Australian may be known for its deadly snakes and spiders, but it’s also home to some of the cutest animals in the world. And, from egg-laying mammals, to mammals that use their powerful tails much like hind legs, they are unlike any other animals across the world. Plus, with so many interesting species of […]

How to Spend the Perfect Weekend on the Great Ocean Road

  Australia is full of incredible sights, both natural and man-made. From Uluru to the Sydney Opera House, Flinders Street Station to The Great Barrier Reef, but your bucket list shouldn’t end there! The Great Ocean Road, probably better known for the road that you can see the Twelve Apostles from, is a road full […]

Busting 7 Myths About Studying Abroad

  Considering studying in Australia, but are unsure what to expect? We debunk the seven most common myths about studying abroad so that you can feel confident in your decision to make your dream of studying in Australia a reality. Australia is a beautiful country, full of unique and diverse experiences to enrich any degree […]