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What Does it Take to Become a Registered Nurse in Australia?

  With a shortage of nurses in Australia’s workforce, demand for those with nursing skills is expected to rise over the next decade. This represents a great opportunity for nurses from abroad to come and work in Australia. To qualify as a registered nurse, you need to satisfy the criteria set out by the Nursing and Midwifery […]

A Student’s Guide to Living in Sydney

  Sydney is an iconic city, well-known for its famous landmarks, stunning beaches and beautiful scenery. Coupled with its incredible shopping, bars, restaurants and entertainment options, it’s easy to see why so many students choose to move to Sydney for their studies. If you’re planning on coming to Sydney for an international exchange, or you’re […]

An International Student’s Guide to Australian Slang

  Although Australia is an English speaking country, Australians have a unique style of language. As if the funny accents weren’t enough, Australians also have a tendency to shorten many words in the English vocabulary. Whether you are planning on studying in Australia or have recently arrived, there are a few Australian terms that you […]

15 Tips for Avoiding Procrastination

  Procrastination. A student’s nemesis. Just like a credit card, it can be the source of fun… until you get the bill. It’s no secret that people procrastinate. Linked to deficiencies in self-regulation, lack of motivation, perfectionism, fear of failure, anxiety and low self-confidence, there’s plenty of reason why we do it. But does that […]

The Ultimate Job Seeker Guide: 14 Steps to Nailing a Job Interview

  Finding a job in Australia can be competitive. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as many as 40,000 students from overseas rely on the hospitality sector for income. Others see working as an important part of the Australian experience, helping to boost English-speaking skills and knowledge of Australian life. Whatever your reasons for […]

12 Iconic Foods You Must Try When In Australia

  Any student studying in Australia will agree that the country has it all. World class universities, an affordable and laid back lifestyle, plenty of sunshine, and really, really good food. In fact, Australia has some of the most iconic food in the world. You’d be crazy not to try it while you’re here. 1. […]