The Rise and Rise of the Barista Trade in Australia

Australia is a country full of hard-working and passionate people. While we may not all agree on everything, one thing we all seem to come together over is our love of coffee! And we Aussies sure know how to make great coffee. The History of Coffee in Australia Australia has a long and rich history [...]

RMIT University Partnership

At Lonsdale, we want to create the best opportunities for our students. That’s why we are proud to announce our new partnership with RMIT University. RMIT is one of Australia’s leading universities, offering world-class courses in Design, Business, Architecture, Engineering, Communications, Computer Sciences and Information Systems. For students looking to continue studying after they complete [...]

COVID-19: Support for International Students

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted Australian life in many ways, and we know that this is a very difficult time for international students. With Australia in lock down, we know many of you have lost income, are in isolation, and far from home. To help you, we have compiled a list of support services currently [...]

How to Prepare for a move to Australia as an International Student

To best prepare for tertiary study you need to first understand what’s involved, how much time you’ll need, what your academic expectations are and how you’ll learn effectively. Once you’ve worked this out you can get to know your campus, set up your study space and warn your friends that you’ll be temporarily occupied with [...]

The Best Jobs for International Students and How to Get Them

So you’ve signed up for a course with Lonsdale Institute. Good for you! You’ve reviewed your accommodation options, read through our FAQs, explored what student life will be like, researched the local area and you’re getting to know Australian slang. There’s only one more thing to do – find yourself a part-time job. Working in [...]

Top Tips for Calming Your Pre-Exam Nerves

Exams are a lot of pressure, whether they’re for an Advanced Diploma in Business or a course in General English. Sometimes this can help you to stay focused, but it can also cause stress. Common symptoms of stress include: Feeling confused and overwhelmed Feeling moody and low Trouble sleeping or getting out of bed Losing [...]