Monthly Archives: March 2017

10 Tips to Help you Improve your English Skills

  There are many fun and interesting ways to improve your English skills outside the classroom. Here’s some of our best tips to help you accelerate your learning. Try just a few, and you’ll be speaking English with confidence and precision in no time. 1. Have a good reason to improve Many students struggle with […]

8 Tips for Studying Abroad in Australia

Are you thinking of moving to Australia to study? We hope you’re ready to get immersed in a brand new culture, and excited to see some of the incredible sites that Australia has to offer. Read on to find out how you can be prepared and make the most out of your study abroad. This list covers everything from information on visas and financial requirements, through to tips on making new friends and travelling cheap.

11 Tips to Balance Study and Part-Time Work

  If you’re worried about finding the balance between study and working part-time, you’re not alone. There are plenty of students out there who need to work to support themselves while they complete their studies. Juggling study with a part-time job isn’t easy, so how do you go about find the balance between your work, […]