Monthly Archives: February 2018

10 Habits to Improve Your Productivity

There’s no such thing as a superhuman student, no matter how productive they might seem. Sure, they might finish two assignments, cram for a test, start their next project, go to their part-time job, and read a book for the ‘fun of it’ (in the same time as it takes you to complete just one […]

An International Student’s Guide to Aussie Humour

Welcome to the strange world of Australian humour. You’re in for a bumpy ride! Aussie humour sits somewhere in the middle of British and American sensibilities. It’s a unique strain (especially combined with the accent and somewhat crazy slang) and has bewildered visitors to the country for decades. Australians love to… Make fun of friends […]

9 Tips to Make Friends When Studying Abroad

Moving to study in a foreign country comes with many challenges – from adapting to a new culture and learning a new language, to trying to find a place to live. However, one of the toughest – and least spoken about – challenges is making new friends. First things first, You must be confident in […]