Lonsdale Institute Student Experience: Eric-Javier from Spain

I’m Eric, a student from IELTS class.

I would like to email you because I think it is important for you and for the school to know the personal opinion from the students about our teachers and teaching methods.
Firstly, it’s a pleasure for me to say that I got the IELTS score required for my visa.
I did the test six weeks before I had planned, the main reason was because of all the new changes with the sponsor visa and PR visa, my immigration agent advised me that it could be better to apply as soon as possible.
If I have to be honest I was really afraid about getting a 5 in this test, I didn’t study English for ten years before this and before my first class at Lonsdale Institute the only thing that I knew about IELTS was the name of the test…
My first week in class was crazy, the level of the other students was much better than my level, and it was really difficult for me to follow the class and understand what I had to do. I thought of asking if it was possible to change to general English to refresh my English skills, and after that go back to IELTS, but as the days went on I felt better in the class and I knew that getting my score could be possible in a real IELTS test.
The main reason of this email is to explain how my teachers helped me to get my goal, Julian and Tom are amazing teachers, they focus on what we have to do in each skill, different ways to improve, lots of tests and they teach special tips to get the goal.
For example interesting web sites to find IELTS  information, useful podcasts, video channels and obviously magic phrases to write a perfect essay in writing part 2.
I’m especially talking about Tom, he is definitely a great teacher, if when I was a student my teacher was like Tom, nowadays my English would be better for sure.
Now I have four weeks left in this class and without pressure I will enjoy it more than before.
Thanks for everything,

 Contributed by Eric-Javier Garcia Domenech