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9 of the Best Study Spots in Sydney

While it has to be done, studying can get pretty boring. And even though the quiet of your home and the familiarity of your desk are usually perfect to help you get some work done, sometimes you just need a change of scenery to find concentration and productivity. The good news is, Sydney is perfect […]

The 7 Most Breathtaking Coastal Walks in Sydney

Sydney is picturesque all year round. Locals love to take in the views of Sydney Harbour, lush bush surrounds and of course feel the sea breeze while laying on the picturesque beaches. Whether you’re splashing out on your visit, or an international student living in Sydney on a budget, the following coastal walks are a […]

9 Tips on How to Decide What to Study

They say the secret to a happy life is to love what you do. Whether it’s a desire to work outdoors, with people or having an opportunity to showcase your skills, fulfilling your individual passion will set you up for a career that brings happiness. But with so many career paths on offer today and […]