The Rise and Rise of the Barista Trade in Australia

Australia is a country full of hard-working and passionate people. While we may not all agree on everything, one thing we all seem to come together over is our love of coffee! And we Aussies sure know how to make great coffee.

The History of Coffee in Australia

Australia has a long and rich history with coffee that began even before the country was officially founded! In 1788, when the First Fleet arrived in Australia, coffee seeds and plants from Rio de Janeiro were introduced to the country for the very first time. These plants were planted early but failed to take hold as a staple.

Australia, immigration, and coffee go hand in hand. As European visitors continued to flock to Australia’s golden shores, they brought with them their desire and expertise in the coffee trade. Mainstream Australian coffee culture began in the 1920’s with the arrival of Russian refugees, opening small cafes and selling beans. The Italians arrived too with their passion, espresso machines and a culture focused on community and gathering with coffee central to this.

In the early 1900s, coffee began being roasted in Australia and served in cafes. This started the barista trade in Australia, which has only grown in popularity in recent years.

Australians love their coffee!

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Did you Know?

  • Coffee is the second most exported commodity in the world after oil
  • Nearly 19M Aussies drink at least one cup of coffee per day
  • The average Aussie consumes 1.92kg coffee every year!
  • The gross profit margin per cup of coffee is around 70 – 80%
  • Our top Baristas can make 80+ cups of coffee per hour. Impressive!
  • Coffee sales in Australia are worth a whopping $5B per year

Australia is now a major player in the coffee industry, with over 500,000 coffee trees nationally. We roast, we grind and we produce some of the best beans and Baristas in the world!

We’re fussy! And we expect a quality coffee experience every time. The long and the short is with the rise of specialty coffee, the barista trade is growing in popularity and has become a finely tuned craft. Much of our café culture centres around our favourite barista, an early morning shot and a friendly face whether it be in laneways, cafes or a hole in the wall.

Almond, oat, chai, espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, soy, flat, short, white, double shot, cold brew, batch brew, green beans …our expectations are endless!

Passionate about coffee? Keen to master Latte Art? Or simply learn to make the best coffee around!

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