Why International Students Love Sydney

Sydney has a beautiful climate year round with warm summers and mild winters, great attractions, delicious dining options, natural beauty and green open spaces. The locals are welcoming and friendly, and the culture is a diverse mix of styles from Asia, Europe and the rest of the globe through food, art, architecture and of course – Sydney’s student life.
Are you thinking of studying English, marketing or something more technical like finance? Why not look at Sydney, Australia, and our list of main reasons why international love studying here.


A huge reason international students enjoy their time in Sydney is the fact there’s thousands of like-minded international students across the city. With Asia and India so close to Australia, a multicultural mix has been generated. You will be able to meet friends from your home country in Sydney, perhaps even studying the same course or subjects. You may run into fellow international students in class, at a café, or in the library. Or you may wish to join a tertiary-based club like soccer, football or brush up on your language skills in a university group. The diversity of the student population makes Sydney feel like home for any international student.

Laid back and flexible

Many students head to Sydney to study because of the relaxed lifestyle. This vibe is generally echoed throughout the education institutes, with teachers and classes being more laid back and providing flexible options like online courses for students. Sydney’s education providers are also known for their ranges of courses and diplomas. A student is able to study a wide range of subjects from many schools across campus towards their final degree. This flexibility means students are able to tailor a course to suit their skills and knowledge and also provide a point of difference when job hunting as a graduate.

It doesn’t have to be so expensive

Yes, attending university in Sydney is expensive, especially when compared to other university cities in Australia, because of the rather large fees and living costs. Real estate, whether it’s share accommodation, renting or purchasing property, is also expensive across the city. This is something to be aware of, with international students on average spending between 250-450 AUD per week for accommodation. However, many international students will have a part-time job to support their studies and accommodation. And several international students will also live in a shared apartment to reduce the cost of living or may live further away from the city where accommodation costs are significantly lower. Budget-savvy international students take on this challenge, grouping together with like-minded students and enjoying their time studying at a lower cost.

Job opportunities

In the last decade, the NSW state government has invested heavily in creating jobs across Sydney and the wider state. Investment in infrastructure construction, innovation and new technology has meant that there are cranes across the city skyline, there are new railway tracks laid in the outer suburbs and there is also a new airport planned. This is great news for students and graduates in Sydney. The fallout means there are opportunities in a wide range of industries being created. In addition, graduate programs are popular in Sydney, as well as paid and unpaid internships where students both local and international are able to gain on-the-job experience in their field of study and fast-track finding a job after graduation.

One of Australia’s best cities

Celebrated as one of the best, biggest and most livable places in Australia, Sydney has it all. Sydney’s attractions are extremely popular with many world-famous icons all within a hop of each other. There is Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Luna Park, Royal Botanic Garden, Government House, Art Gallery of NSW and Darling Harbour to pick from. Many attractions are free or have scheduled free open days or nights which is absolutely perfect for an international student taking in everything the city has on offer. Sydney is also home to world-class free festivals like the VIVID light and art show which projects stunning and surreal imagery across buildings and icons like the Opera House after sunset during winter.

Consider studying in Sydney

While it may be a long way from home, Sydney is an adopted home for thousands of international students every year. Imagine the selfie envy when you post up your smiling face in-front of some stunning icons like Sydney Harbour Bridge or studying in the afternoon shade on Bondi Beach.
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