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Thinking about studying abroad but have some questions? Our FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about studying with Lonsdale Institue.


Planning your Visa German


If you are not an Australian citizen you will need to apply for a work or study visa. Check in with your local Australian embassy or consulate well in advance so you don’t have to stress about waiting for approval in the lead up to your flight and start of semester dates. Depending on your chosen course, you might also be asked to meet some other non-academic visa requirements.

Do I need proof of finances?

One of your visa requirements is proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your studies. Wondering how much money you need to study in Australia? Well, it will depend on where you are going to live, your course, and your education fees. But as a general guideline, the Australian government says you need the equivalent of a return airfare, the fees for your course, and around $18,610 for costs of living such as food and rent in order to be considered for a student visa.

Proof could be in the form of bank statements, loan details, financial aid from the government or university, or information about who is paying for your education. When you are providing proof of your finances, the more information is better. All of your information will be kept safe by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The international student department at your university should be able to help you determine if you meet the minimum financial requirements.

How do i find a place to live?

It’s almost always easier to seek out the ideal home when you are in your city itself. Still, you can be prepared to a certain degree before arriving in Australia. Research the suburbs and areas that you would like to live in, and check their proximity to your educational institute. You can also check out flat-share websites and Facebook groups to arrange some inspections before you arrive. This is a good idea, as some places in busy cities can get snapped up quickly, especially if they are cheap. It’s also a good idea to arrive a few weeks earlier to get to know the city, get over your jetlag, and decide the best place for you. Try not to make too many concrete plans with accommodation before you can inspect the place yourself – it’s very easy for photos to be deceiving. 

Can i stay in Australia after i have finished my studies?

Yes, if you love it, you can apply to continue living in Australia. Many people apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa after they get their qualification. You must get a degree-level qualification to be eligible, and there is an assessment process, but there’s also hope you can stay. Your Temporary Graduate Visa can be given for up to two, three or four years.

For further information on studying in Australia, head to the International Students section on the Australian government website. If you’re looking at studying English to enhance your language skills, or are wanting to study something related to business, finance, nursing or project management, make sure to check out our range of courses on offer at Lonsdale Institute.


Do i get a student card?

Yes, you will receive your student card once you have enrolled and arrived on campus. 


Does my student card entitle me to concession rates on public transport?

Most state public transport authorities will not issue you with a student travel concession card.


How do i enrol

You’ll first need to fill out an application form