Lonsdale Institute Student Experience: Manuel from Colombia

Publisher Lonsdale Institute Published on April 20th, 2018
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Manuel Alejandro from Colombia studied Eurocentres English courses at Lonsdale Institute’s Sydney campus and has a lot to share about his experience.

Did you like studying with Lonsdale Institute?

Yes, the school offered a wide range of opportunities and flexibility. I had plenty of social interaction with classmates from all over the world and energetic teachers. The Sydney campus is located in a very convenient place to enjoy the city while improving your communication skills. The teaching methodology was suitable to the course level and complexity.

What have been your favourite experiences while studying with us?

I have heaps of great memories. One of the most iconic ones is related to the PopSugar sessions. One hour a week of physical activity that boosted my energy in some of the cold days of Sydney. Also, The Weekly Presentation on Fridays was a great way to learn about new cultures, meet new friends and even try food. We enjoyed dancing, eating and laughing while learning how to express ourselves in public.

How did your study at Lonsdale Institute help you?

I am now working as an electrical engineer in a small regional company in NSW.

The school was the right way to get there because my communication skills improved, I took the IELTS test and got a successful score, and my application for a temporary work skilled visa was accepted. I have not stopped learning to express my ideas since I finished my courses.

Lonsdale guided me through the vocabulary and language tools required to be successful in my role. I am constantly improving. However, the slang, keywords, grammatical structures and other language components that I learned in the school have helped me to get my job, make friends and continue my professional and personal life in Australia.

What brought you to Sydney? Do you like living here? Tell us about your life in Sydney.

Sydney is recognised as one of the most beautiful cities in the world to live with a high quality of life and uncountable activities to do.

I had fun in the city while studying and working. My life in Sydney was busy but stimulating. The options available to find a job were one of the most beneficial characteristics due to the city’s cost of living.

While my General English course and some IELTS classes were running, I worked as a cleaner, waiter, food deliverer on push bike and, as the business grew, I upgraded to motorbike deliveries.

I managed to rent a luxurious apartment next to Green Square train station. My flatmates created a peaceful, relaxing and loving environment to shelter me during those windy, cold, sunny and very hot days of Sydney.

All in all, I can say that the city life and people are vibrant and full of hopes, dreams and energy. I love Sydney.

Would you recommend studying at Lonsdale Institute / Eurocentres?

Definitely yes. I have recommended Lonsdale in the past and will do so again because it is a sensible school that has the flexibility to help people to fight for their dreams while encouraging English learning and practise in a broad range of circumstances.

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