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Publisher Lonsdale Institute Published on October 10th, 2017
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When you hear about Lonsdale Institute, we want you to hear the truth. We want any anxiousness you might be feeling to disappear, and we want you to know that taking a leap of faith can be a marvelous thing. We want you to know that other students are happy here, and we want real life stories to help you understand that Lonsdale Institute is the right place for you. And so, we turn to those that know how you might be feeling.

A move to Australia, even a temporary one, can be scary. This we don’t doubt. But as you well know, the scariest of times often turn out to be the most fulfilling. It’s the scary times that shape us, that map out our future paths. Just think, becoming a student in Australia could be the start of a whole new amazing life – the start of new friendships, a new family and a new career. Are you willing to let that opportunity slip by because of uncertainty?

For Alex from Venezuela, starting a new adventure in Australia carried some fear. But having pushed past this fear, Alex now welcomes each day in Australia eagerly. Alex’s life is today filled with sunny skies, great friends, new learning opportunities, parties and more. Read for yourself Alex’s story…

“Hi everybody, I’m Alex, I’m from Venezuela and I have something to share with you. Maybe you’re wondering about why I came here, why I started a new adventure, and why I left my fears behind and took a plane to an unknown destination… well let me enlighten you. I’ll tell you about my life here in Sydney, wait, even better, I’ll show you, come on.

I start each day with the sun in my face, looking out to the horizon, many stories will start, many people to meet, time to learn and to enjoy. Nothing could be better than this.

It doesn’t matter which way you go, all of the paths meander to the same place. It is not just a school, it is place to grow up, to find more adventurous people like you, to create memories that you will never forget, if you want to feel part of a big family, this is the place for you. Every week new people arrive, new stories begin, giving you new reasons to love this experience.

Even when your time finishes, you can return when you are ready, because you already belong to here, this door will be always be open for you.

Everyone here is different, we came from distant places, I don’t think that we are regular people, we are special, because we take chances and enjoy life in the only real way; travelling, meeting people and discovering this huge world. Here… where the kangaroos live, where the people are really kind, and where the fun never ends.

We have many options to enjoy, from the beach to the mountains, beautiful places in the city or going out to parties. Every day will be different and you will love this adventure more so. Always sharing your culture, getting to know others, making friends everywhere, what else I can tell you? You have to see it for yourself.

When the sun comes down and the day is over, your bag will be full of memories, and your soul will be ready for more. You will close your eyes waiting, wondering, what will come next, wishing that this adventure will never end.

So what do you think? Just imagine, what you could do here. Ok now stop, stop wondering, stop thinking, just come.

I will be waiting for you. You don’t have to believe me, you have to experience this.

By the way, welcome to Australia, welcome to Lonsdale Eurocentres, Sydney.”

So there you have it, Alex’s word over ours. If you don’t believe us, do some research. You’ll find a ton of others that love student life in Oz and you’ll soon realise you’d be crazy not to say yes to Lonsdale Institute. It really is a fun and informative place to be and we look forward to you joining us.

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