8 Reasons to Study Abroad in Australia

Publisher Lonsdale Institute Published on July 8th, 2017
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Australia is one of the most popular English-language destinations for overseas students in the world. There are numerous reasons why millions of students have already chosen Australia as their study destination and more than half a million international students enroll in Australian educational institutions each year. From access to world-class education and high satisfaction levels, to studying in a safe and culturally diverse country, these are some of the top reasons to choose Australia as your study-abroad destination.

1. World-class standards in education

Australia has an outstanding reputation for education standards. Australia ranks in the world’s top ten for its higher education system, ahead of countries like Germany, Japan, and New Zealand.

Research reveals that as many as 93% of students surveyed reported that the reputation of Australia’s education system was a factor in choosing to study in the country. The survey found that students chose Australia because of the great standards of Australian qualifications and education providers, as well as quality of teaching and research.

2. High satisfaction levels from students

Students who choose to study in Australia report high satisfaction levels. Research has found that whether at the tertiary level (88%) or in the ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) sector (90%), the vast majority of students report being satisfied with their Australian study experience. And 89% of tertiary students said they were satisfied with their experience of living in Australia.

3. High standards in English-language courses and other majors

Australia is a great place to learn English and to pursue your study goals. Local educational institutes provide high standards when it comes to English-language courses and other majors, and this is reflected in the strong demand.

The ELICOS sector has seen record enrollment rates, with a big jump in growth (31%) in 2013 to 2015. This sector offers significant diversity and choice for international students, with courses such as General English, as well as Certificate III and Certificate IV’s offered.

Australia also ranks strongly compared to the rest of the world in other majors. In addition, many global companies – whether it’s banking, consulting, or technology – have a strong presence in Australia’s capital cities, so students can have access to internships or summer work experience programs to better prepare for their eventual entry into the workplace.

4. Abundant educational pathways

Australia’s educational system is designed to make it easy for international students to progress to further study. Research has found that a large percentage of international students were on pathways to further study – 41% of VET students and 47% of ELICOS students.

Additionally, the Australian government is supportive of international students and grants around $200 million a year in international scholarships to assist the students achieve their study goals.

5. Top-ranking overseas student destination

Australia’s cities are very student friendly, with Melbourne being voted the most liveable city in the world. Despite being a relatively small country in population terms, Australia ranks behind only the US and the UK in the world when it comes to attracting overseas students.

6. Quality of life

Australia as a whole and on a city-by-city basis consistently ranks in the top three for exceptional quality of life. The UN, through assessing economic, educational, and life-expectancy indicators, ranks the country at number two in the world only behind Norway.

With great weather, a relaxed and laidback culture, a safe and stable social environment, and good infrastructure, Australia is a great place for overseas students to enjoy an amazing quality of life.

7. Unique nature and wildlife

Australia is famous for its unique flora, fauna, and natural landscapes. It’s home to more than one million species of animals and plants that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and its natural environment – with an abundance of spectacular beaches, forests, and wildlife parks – is among the most scenic in the world.

For overseas students, the opportunity to get close to nature and wildlife is yet another reason to live and study in Australia. It’s easy to travel within the country and to explore other cities and world-famous attractions such as Uluru, Kakadu National Park, the Great Ocean Road, and the Great Barrier Reef.

8. Culture, diversity, and recreational activities

Australian cities offer vibrant nightlife and recreational activities for residents, including plenty of bars, pubs, and clubs as well as cultural destinations such as museums, arts and film festivals, theatre, and other performing art venues with lively programs. Australia’s cultural diversity means there’s an abundance of international cuisines to sample and many cultural festivals to enjoy.

When it comes to recreational activities, whether you enjoy watching sports or getting active yourself, there are lots of parks, gyms, water activities, and sporting events (such as the Australian Open) to explore.

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